Sunday, April 3, 2011


On our honeymoon, a year and a half ago, we made the decision to invest in becoming scuba certified. We knew we wouldn't get a TON of chances to do it, but when we decided to take a trip to Mexico, having a PADI dive center at our resort was our #1 priority!

Our guide, Joram, was hilarious and took us to some really great sites that are part of the gorgeous reef that covers the entire Yukatan peninsula. On this trip, we experienced something we didn't get the chance to in Jamaica - swimming with SEA TURTLES! We went quite a bit deeper on our dives in Mexico and apparently that's where the turtles hang out! We saw them on 2 of our 3 dives and were amazed at how mellow and peaceful they were! They came right along side us, matched our speed, and were totally cool with swimming along with us, which made for some great photos! It was so exciting! (and made me think of Crush on "Finding Nemo" the entire time!)
We also had the pleasure of spotting some lion fish, manta rays, lobsters (with HUGE antennas!), parrot fish, crabs, angelfish, and many schools of very bright yellow and blue fish... I still haven't figured out what they're called..)

**Please forgive the graniness of the photos - we just had the cheap point-and-shoot kind of cameras. Someday, I'll get a housing for my Nikon ... then I'll get so caught up in snapping photos, I'll never want to surface!

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