Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inspired Wednesday - Tippecanoe Art!

With our impending move to Indiana getting closer and closer, I've been researching different options for me once I get there! If I DO find a teaching job, GREAT! (I'm still searching...and it is daunting) If I don't find a teaching job for next year, I've started researching new art opportunities for me in the Lafayette area - things for me to be involved in whether I'm teaching or not! Here's a great video that was created by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation (TAF) advocating for the arts and education. (Tippecanoe is the name of the county we'll be living in - how funny is that?!:) This video gives me hope and gets me excited about what Indiana has to offer!

Thanks to our Realtor, Kristy Miley, for sending me the link to the TAF website! She's helping us on our way to our first real HOME! How crazy! Stay tuned for more information!!

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